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Svea App Wallet is a customizable payment solution for iOS and Android apps. Dive directly into our documentation or explore more about the product below.

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Payment options
All the world's payment methods now and tomorrow
With Svea App Wallet, you get access to all our payment methods but also the industry's. Offer smart alternatives from us such as partial payment and invoice, and supplement just as easily with solutions such as Swish and Apple Pay. Thanks to the simple integration, you can easily add new payment methods now and in the future - in a checkout that is always up-to-date.
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What competencies you will need

In order to implement Svea App Wallet in your app we recommend that you have following resources available:

Mobile Developer


Backend Developer

Consume a REST API

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Implementation timeline

Follow the implementation timeline below to get Svea App Wallet working for your mobile app.

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To give you the best solution possible, we need to know more about your company and your needs.

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Choose payment methods for your app

Offer one or all of our supported payment methods in your app. Read more about the various payment methods using the link below.

Payment methods

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Create a secret to use for server API authorization in the staging environment.

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Time for the development team to start building. Jump into the documentation for individual features to dig deeper.

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Ready to start testing your solution? Follow our test checklist via the link below.

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Create a secret to use for server API authorization in the production environment.

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Go live

Ready to go live? Use our checklist below to confirm you're prepared.

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What's new?

2 October 2023
Server API
  • Remove unused payment and refund statuses from the openapi spec
19 September 2023
Version 2.6.1
Android SDK
  • Fix incorrectly created intent URI for launching BankId
29 August 2023
Server API
  • A callback will now be sent if a Swish payment cannot be created, for instance if Swish is having an ongoing disturbance
4 July 2023
Version 2.6.0
Android SDK
  • Added new `getPaymentPlanOptions(merchantId, amount, getPaymentPlanOptionsCallback)` function
  • Added new `getBankIdUrlForPayment(paymentToken, redirectUrl, getBankIdUrlCallback)` function improving testing functionality
  • Deprecated `getBankIdTokenForPayment(paymentToken, getBankIdTokenForPayment)` function
  • Updated internal dependencies (including gradle version)
Version 3.4.0
  • Added new `getPaymentPlanOptions(merchantId, amount)` function
  • Added new `getBankIdUrlForPayment(paymentToken, redirectUrl)` function improving testing functionality
  • Deprecated `getBankIdTokenForPayment(paymentToken)` function
  • Updated test certificate
  • Improved internal testing
Server API
  • Support for payment plan

Full changelog

Server API
Android SDK

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