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Where can I see all my transactions?

I try to get a refund but get an error, why?

I try to enter a new card, but it doesn’t work. Why not?

Why do I get failtopay when trying to pay with invoice?

How do I get Maven credentials?

I’m not building a Native app, can I still use your SDK?

How do I change between Stage and Production environment?

I need help, is there any other way to contact you then the contact form?

Security Vulnerabilities

Svea takes security vulnerabilities in the App Wallet seriously. We appreciate your efforts to responsibly disclose your findings to us, please report it to us as described below.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please do not report security vulnerabilities publicly.

To report a vulnerability, send an email to security@svea.com - please include the requested information (or as much as you can provide) listed below to help us better understand the nature and scope of the possible issue:

  • Type of issue (e.g. server, iOS- and/or Android SDKs)
  • Explained vulnerability in detail, including how it can be exploited.
  • If applicable, specify the Wallet SDK version(s) in which this issue exits.
  • Location - Specify the file, function where issue is found.
  • Steps to reproduce - provide step-by-step guide on how to reproduce vulnerability.
  • Potential Impact - Describe the potential consequences, if this issue exploited.

You will receive a response from us within a few days. If the issue is confirmed, we will address it as soon as possible.

Glossary of terms

Below are some explanations of words used on this site.
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Acquirer agreement

An acquirer agreement is required to be able to accept payments made by card. The agreement is signed with a third party that has the right to acquire VISA and MasterCard cards. The acquire make sure that the transaction between a card payment and your bank account works.

Swish commerce agreement

You need a Swish commerce agreement to offer your customers payment by Swish. The agreement is signed with your bank.


Test environment


E-identification system in Sweden


Swish is a mobile application for transferring money within Sweden. The application enables instant payments between bank accounts through mobile numbers linked to account numbers.

Native app

An app designed and written specifically to run on and integrate into a particular operating system. Such as iOS and Android.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

A set of development tools that enable software developers to build applications against a specific software package, software framework, hardware platform, game console, operating system, or similar.

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