Error Codes

Below is a list of error codes for API endpoints. New codes will be added as needed

Error code Description
0 Generic error (unspecified)
1 Authentication failed
100 Generic transaction error
101 Duplicate transaction
102 Invalid payment
103 Invalid payment method
104 Invalid organization number
107 Credit report was rejected
108 Transaction declined
109 Payment method not found
110 Invalid transaction amount
111 Refund amount too large
112 Refund amount should be negative
1100 3DS: Failed
1101 3DS: Not participating
1102 3DS: Authentication not available
1103 3DS: System error
1104 3DS: Merchant input error
1105 3DS: No directory found
1106 3DS: Transaction not found
1200 Card: To many attempts
1201 Card: Blocked
1202 Card: Declined, contact issuer
1203 Card: Not valid for merchant
1204 Card: Partial refund not allowed before capture
1205 Card: BIN not recognized
1206 Card: Issuer country blocked
1300 Invoice: BankID not started
1301 Invoice: BankID canceled
1302 Invoice: BankID error
1400 Swish: BankID error
1401 Swish: BankID ongoing
1402 Swish: BankID canceled
1403 Swish: User limit exceeded
1404 Swish: Bank processing error
1405 Swish: Bank response timeout
1406 Swish: Does not meet age limit
1407 Swish: SSN does not match enrolled customer