Test checklist

Follow these steps to start testing your implementation

Configure environment

Verify you are using the stage environment in the client application.

Configure environment

Test card payments

In stage environment we only accept test cards. So make sure to add some test cards to your test account.

Test cards

Test swish payments

We provide several options to test Swish payments.

Test Swish payments

Test private invoice payments

Use BankID mock to test different private invoice payment scenarios.

Test invoice payments with BankID

Test company invoice payments

Use the provided test companies to test different company invoice payments scenarios.

Test companies

Test Google Pay payments

Make sure you launch Google Pay in test environment. In Stage the data will be mocked before it's sent to Svea, but we still require a correctly formatted payload from your application.

Google Pay instructions

Test Apple Pay payments

Make sure you follow Apple Pay's official guidelines.

Apple Pay documentation

Test refunds

Test refunding Card and Swish payments.

Refund instructions