An object representing a Svea App Wallet payment plan option.

campaignCodeCampaign code of payment plan.IntYes
descriptionDescription of payment planStringYes
paymentPlanTypeType of payment plan.StringYes
contractLengthInMonthsDuration of contract in months.IntYes
monthlyAnnuityMonthy annuity fee of payment.DoubleYes
initialFeeInitial fee of payment.DoubleYes
notificationFeeNotification fees .DoubleYes
interestRatePercentThe interest rate in percentage.DoubleYes
effectiveInterestRatePercentEffective interest rate in percentage.DoubleYes
nrOfPaymentFreeMonthsNumber of payment free months.IntYes
nrOfInterestFreeMonthsNumber of interest free months.IntYes
struct PaymentPlanOption {
    var effectiveInterestRatePercent: Double
    var description: String
    var paymentPlanType: String
    var initialFee: Double
    var monthlyAnnuity: Double
    var interestRatePercent: Double
    var nrOfPaymentFreeMonths: Int
    var campaignCode: Int
    var contractLengthInMonths: Int
    var notificationFee: Double
    var nrOfInterestFreeMonths: Int