An object representing a known issue within the Svea Wallet to aid debugging.
The problems can originate in both the client SDKs and the wallet server.
The client SDK codes are listed below while the server codes can be found here.


Only for troubleshooting and debugging purposes.
Not to be shown to users.

errorCodeCode representing the error type.IntegerNo
errorIdSpecific id of errorStringYes
descriptionReadable description of errorStringYes
struct Problem {
    public let errorCode: String?
    public let errorId: String?
    public let description: String?

Client Error Codes

New codes will be added as needed

Error codesAreaDescription
5000 - 50073DSInvalid 3D Secure data.
5100 - 5101SwishInvalid Swish token received.
5300 AndroidInternal Coroutines exception.
Only relevant for Android
5301 GeneralUser canceled operation.
5302 GeneralInvalid authorization token.
54XX - 55XXiOSInternal SDK iOS Errors.
Only relevant for iOS
5600 - 5603AddCardWallet server credentials issues.
5604 AddCardUser canceled operation.
5605 - 5608AddCardIssues while communicating with CDE.
5609 AddCardIssues while adding card to wallet server.
5700 AddInvoiceWallet server credentials issues.
5701 - 5702AddInvoiceIssues processing server response.
5800 - 5801AvailablePaymentMethodsIssues processing server response.
5900 - 5904CardPaymentWallet server credentials issues.
5905 - 5907CardPaymentIssues with pre process information.
5908 - 5909CardPaymentIssues while processing payment status.
6000 CompanyNameIssues while processing data from server.
6200 - 6202GooglePayIssues while communicating with CDE.
6210 GooglePayIssues with test data.
6300 - 6301SavedPaymentMethodsIssues processing server response.
6400 RemovePaymentMethodIssues processing server response.
6500 - 6501GetBankIdTokenIssues processing server response.
6600 UpdatePrivateInvoiceProcessing issues.
6650 UpdateCompanyInvoiceProcessing issues.
6700 UpdatePaymentMethodProcessing issues.
6800 - 6801RecurringAccountTypesProcessing issues.
6900CreateRecurringAccountIssues while communicating with CDE.
6901 - 6903CreateRecurringAccountWallet server credentials issues.
7000 - 7001GetPaymentPlanOptionsIssues processing server response.
7100 - 7102GetBankIdUrlIssues processing server response.
7200 ApplePayInvalid apple pay test token.
7300 ConfirmPaymentIssues while processing confirm payment response.

Error code groups

Error code groupsIssue Area
50XX Issues with 3D Secure process.
51XX Issues with Swish process.
53XX General issues
54XX - 55XX Internal SDK iOS Errors. Only relevant for iOS
56XX Issues while adding a card to wallet.
57XX Issues while adding an invoice to wallet.
58XX Issues while retrieving Available payment methods.
59XX Issues during card payment.
60XX Issues while while retrieving Company name.
62XX Issues during Google Pay payment.
63XX Issues while retrieving saved payment methods.
64XX Issues while removing payment methods.
65XX Issues while getting BankID token.
66XX Issues while Updating invoice information.
67XX Issues while Updating payment method.
68XX Issues while retrieving recurring account types.
69XX Issues while Creating recurring account.
70XX Issues while getting payment plan options.
71XX Issues while getting BankID url.
72XX Issues during apple pay payment. Only relevant for iOS
73XX Issues during confirm payment.